Breaking  Turkey Unleashes Retribution in the  Skies – Strikes Against Militants in Iraq and Syria!

Turkey conducts intense airstrikes in Iraq and Syria after a deadly attack on a Turkish military base 

Metina, Hakurk, Gara, and Qandil regions in northern Iraq hit in response to the assault on the Turkish military 

Fighter jets target caves, bunkers, shelters, and oil facilities, aiming to eliminate terrorist threats and ensure border security 

Affiliated targets neutralized; PKK considered a terror organization by the U.S. and European allies 

Nine Turkish soldiers killed in the attack, prompting swift and forceful retaliation 

Turkish Defense Ministry reports "many" militants neutralized; local sources mention a senior PKK militant  "neutralized" in Iraq 

A significant development in the ongoing conflict, with ramifications for regional stability 

Turkey remains vigilant, responding decisively to protect its people and security forces 

The airstrikes follow the tragic loss of soldiers in the attack on the military base, emphasizing Turkey's commitment to national security