Delhi's Air Quality Emergency: IIT Kanpur Unveils Bold Plan for Artificial Rain to Tackle Pollution Menace!

IIT-Kanpur experts set to present artificial rain plan to combat 'severe' air quality in Delhi

Proposed pilot project on November 20-21, leveraging 40% cloud cover predicted for those days

Delhi Government to submit the plan to the Supreme Court, seeking Centre's cooperation

Environment Minister Gopal Rai emphasizes the necessity of at least 40% cloud cover for effective artificial rain

Meeting held with IIT Kanpur experts, including Environment Minister Gopal Rai and Revenue Minister Atishi

Artificial rain, or cloud seeding, involves introducing substances like silver iodide or potassium iodide into clouds to stimulate precipitation

Success of cloud seeding depends on specific meteorological conditions and suitable wind patterns

Purpose is to enhance rainfall in targeted regions and mitigate drought conditions

Delhi's air pollution compared to smoking 10 cigarettes a day, posing risks to vulnerable populations