Earth's Twin Found;  LTT 1445 Ac,  Just  22  Light-Years Away !!

Earth-sized exoplanet  LTT 1445 Ac discovered, closest  to  our  Solar System

Named  LTT 1445 Ac,  it's 1.37 times  the mass  and  1.07 times the radius  of Earth

TESS telescope data  used for identification, despite observational challenges

LTT 1445 Ac orbits a  star in a  trinary system, posing  unique observational difficulties

Transit  radial  velocity data crucial for understanding exoplanet properties

Transit  data reveals  the  exoplanet's radius,  while radial velocity  indicates  its mass

Combined  data helps determine exoplanet density  & composition

Low density suggests  a gas giant,  while higher density  indicates  a rocky composition