Sony's Exciting Reveal God of War & Horizon Updates, Gravity Rush Movie  

Gravity Rush Movie Teaser 

Sony reveals a sneak peek of the upcoming Gravity Rush movie during CES 2024, featuring a character leaping off a building and exploring a floating city under attack by a giant winged demon 

CES 2024 Press Conference 

The footage was showcased as part of Sony's CES 2024 press conference, where updates on various projects, including Torchlight, were discussed 

Torchlight Facility 

Sony's Torchlight facility, an advanced visualization hub, is introduced in a video featuring Sony employees. It's a crucial element for bringing future projects, including Gravity Rush, to life 

Gravity Rush Movie Details 

Although not extensively discussed, the footage offers a tantalizing glimpse into the highly anticipated Gravity Rush movie, which was reported to be in the works with Anna Mastro directing 

God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn Shows 

Sony confirms the progress of the God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn shows for Prime Video and Netflix, respectively. Writing is currently underway, building anticipation among fans 

Patapon Tease 

During the Torchlight segment, a mysterious Patapon teaser surfaces. Andy Davis hints at experimentation in "animation, marketing, television, and PlayStation." The glimpse of Patapon in a new graphics style raises speculation about a potential anime or game in development 

IP Development Gaming / Anime 

As Patapon is shown in a new style, the words "IP Development Gaming / Anime" appear, sparking curiosity about Sony's plans for the beloved franchise 

Sony's Diverse Projects 

The CES presentation emphasizes Sony's diverse approach, combining animation, marketing, television, and PlayStation, hinting at innovative projects in the pipeline 

Ongoing Progress 

While specific details are scant, the updates on God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, coupled with the intriguing Gravity Rush and Patapon reveals, promise an exciting future for Sony's entertainment ventures