Joy Returns!  Inside Out 2 Prepare for a Rollercoaster of Emotions!

Teenage Turmoil Unleashed Inside Out 2 explores the rollercoaster ride of Riley's teenage years

Joy is Back Amy Poehler returns as the lovable Joy, promising an emotional journey like never before

New Adventures, New Emotions: The sequel introduces fresh emotions and takes us on an exciting new ride

Amy Poehler describes the script as "amazing" and assures fans it goes deeper into emotional intelligence

Kelsey Mann, known for Onward, takes the director's seat, bringing a fresh perspective to the beloved franchise

Phyllis Smith as Sadness and Lewis Black as Anger are back to join the emotional chaos

The sequel picks up where the original hinted, pressing the "Puberty" button for a new set of challenges

Exploring mental health and emotional impact, Inside Out 2 dives into the complexities of adolescence

Amy Poehler shares the challenges of playing Joy, a character requiring a dynamic and physical performance

Inside Out's profound message resonates as Joy and Sadness tackle the struggles of growing up

Mark your calendars for  June 14, 2024,  when Inside Out 2 hits theaters with a wave of emotions