Meet Gaia Utah's Hogle Zoo Welcomes the World's Deadliest Miniature Hunter!

Utah's Hogle Zoo welcomes an eight-month-old black-footed cat named Gaia,  the smallest wild cat in Africa

Despite her small size,  Gaia gains attention as the deadliest feline on the planet with an impressive 60% hunting success rate

Gaia's distinct black and dark brown soles or pads give her species the name  "black-footed cat."

The zoo  collaborates with the Black-Footed Cat Consortium for breeding,contributing to the conservation of this "vulnerable species."

Gaia's arrival symbolizes hope for the future of black-footed cats, classified as "vulnerable" by the Felidae Conservation Fund

Gaia replaces Sanura, the zoo's previous black-footed cat, known for living to the remarkable age of 18.5 years

Sanura's unique habits and charming personality left a lasting impact on zoo staff and visitors

Currently residing in the Small Animal Building, Gaia has a companion named Ryder, with their meeting postponed until Gaia reaches maturity

Zoo officials take precautions to help Gaia acclimate to her new environment, setting up curtains and barriers

Utah's Hogle Zoo, a non-profit organization, continues its vital role in wildlife conservation