Nationwide Spread A puzzling canine respiratory illness is spreading across  19 U.S. states, alarming veterinarians.

Tracking Challenges The American Veterinary Medical Association cites difficulty in tracking due to the absence of national canine illness data

Unusual Symptoms The illness begins with a persistent cough lasting weeks, progressing to pneumonia resistant to typical treatments

Expert Warnings Multiple groups, including state departments of agriculture and the AVMA, issue warnings about the mysterious illness

Severity Escalates Dogs present with severe signs, defying usual treatments, resulting in fatalities, as reported by veterinarians

Preventive Measures  Veterinarians advise keeping dogs away from group settings, like kennels, to curb the illness's spread

Symptom Vigilance Dog owners are urged not to panic if their pet develops a cough but to stay vigilant and contact a vet promptly

Progression Complexity The illness can manifest in three ways: a lingering cough, chronic pneumonia, or severe pneumonia with rapid, poor outcomes

Preventive Tips Keeping dogs away from potential exposure, maintaining vaccinations, and early vet consultations are key preventive measures