Patriots Stun Broncos Ryland's 56-Yard Field Goal Seals  Dramatic Upset!

Bailey Zappe's early fumble put the Patriots at risk, but their defense held strong, denying the Broncos a touchdown and setting the tone for the game

Chad Ryland's career-long 56-yard field goal secured the Patriots' victory, overcoming earlier misses and sealing a stunning upset

The Patriots orchestrated a rapid turnaround, scoring two touchdowns in six seconds during a pivotal third quarter

The Broncos, 7 1/2-point favorites, faced a crushing defeat, diminishing their playoff chances to a mere 6% according to NFL calculations

Bill Belichick's 11-10 record against the Broncos added another chapter, denying them the distinction of being the only team with a winning record against him

Russell Wilson led the Broncos in a comeback attempt, throwing crucial touchdowns and converting 2-point plays to level the score at 23-23

The Broncos suffered a setback with Courtland Sutton's first-half concussion, impacting their offensive performance

Ezekiel Elliott's 15-yard touchdown showcased athleticism, hurdling a defender en route to  the end zone

The Patriots' defense, a standout throughout, halted the Broncos' attempts, forcing a critical three-and-out in the final minutes

With under a minute left, Zappe's touchdown pass to Elliott gave the Patriots the lead, but Ryland's missed PAT added suspense to the thrilling finish