Power Outages Plague Sacramento SMUD Tackles Unexplained Outage and Substation Fire

Approximately 3,500 SMUD customers in Sacramento's Curtis Park experience an unexplained power outage. SMUD crews are tirelessly working to restore power promptly

Dense fog and rain in Sacramento contribute to reduced visibility on highways, potentially leading to an accident that triggers the power outage. Weather conditions add complexity to the restoration efforts

An update on the fire at Downtown SMUD Substation A reveals progress in restoring power. Over 500 customers had power reinstated overnight, but 800 customers remain without power as of  Wednesday morning

SMUD crews continue to work overnight to address the aftermath of the substation fire, aiming to bring power back to the affected areas in downtown Sacramento

The outage disrupts daily life for thousands of residents in Curtis Park and downtown Sacramento, emphasizing the importance of swift restoration efforts

The foggy and rainy weather conditions not only contribute to accidents but also pose challenges for the crews working on restoring power

SMUD's response to the incidents highlights the critical nature of emergency services in ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected community