Age Limit Debate

Should Teens   Trick-or-Treat on Halloween?

Age Restrictions

Some argue that trick-or-treating should have an age limit to maintain the holiday's sincerity.

Enforced Laws

Certain cities have implemented age cutoffs for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Varied Punishments

Chesapeake, Virginia, had penalties for age-restricted trick-or-treating until 2019, including potential jail time

Community Opinions

A majority of the Upworthy community believes Halloween should be enjoyed by all ages.


Many argue for a broad approach, encouraging everyone to participate in the festivities.

Keeping Innocence

Older kids trick-or-treating can signify their enjoyment of innocence and staying out of trouble.

Expert Opinions

Experts see no harm in older children and teens participating, emphasising respect and kindness.

Etiquette Tips

Suggestions from experts, like Lizzie Post, include prioritizing younger kids and maintaining a friendly Halloween atmosphere.

Embracing Inner Child

Allowing older individuals to enjoy Halloween helps preserve a bit of youthful magic in our lives.