Tech Industry Milestones Microsoft's First Union  & Tongue-Controlled Device Revolution!

Microsoft's ZeniMax Studios workers form the tech giant's first U.S. labor union, marking a departure from traditional corporate resistance

Microsoft agrees to recognize the Communications Workers of America (CWA) after a "supermajority" of ZeniMax Studio workers express support

This groundbreaking move could set a precedent for labor unions in the tech industry, challenging traditional opposition

MouthPad^ revolutionizes device control by allowing users to scroll, type, and make calls using tongue movements—a boon for those with hand impairments or paralysis

Augmental unveils the  retainer-like trackpad chip at CES, showcasing its potential to enhance accessibility and inclusivity

MouthPad^ connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to any tablet, phone, or computer, offering a unique and innovative approach to device interaction

The device is a powerful tool for individuals facing physical challenges, aligning with the tech industry's commitment to inclusivity

MouthPad^ enables users to play chess, scroll through screens, and perform various tasks with simple tongue gestures

These milestones emphasize the tech industry's dedication to innovation, accessibility, and redefining traditional norms