Big Cat Asiatic Lion

Big Cats: Asiatic Lion

The conservation of the Big Cat Asiatic Lion, extends beyond just saving a charismatic species. Here’s why their preservation just not matters but is indeed essential to the life cycle; ecology.

Lion resides on plane, especially on grasslands. Where as Tiger leaves in a dense forest and Hills. Both are essential for biodiversity and our ecology. Existence of both makes balance, equilibrium.

This is what the principle of our planet, balance. Both are ambassadors of Balance.

Siberian Tiger vs. Bengal Tiger

Siberian Tiger vs. Bengal Tiger

Siberian Tiger vs. Bengal Tiger. Only 600 Siberian Tigers and 2000 Bengal Tigers are left. It is our responsibility to protect the wonderful animal.

While Comparing both species and while reading Mass awakening is also important. Sharing, Imparting knowledge is essential. But when you have opportunity make the most out of it.